Bearing design

Developing a technically and commercially optimal solution

The constructional configuration of the bearings is completed using specialist software. This is optimized and expanded on a continual basis in cooperation with technical universities.

The installation of standard bearings (catalogue goods) always represents a technical compromise. When using integrated bearings these are adapted exactly to the customer’s application. This results in a solution that is technically and commercially optimal. When limited installation space, high loads, revs and temperatures, low friction moments and energy requirements come into play, Temco can offer customers the best possible, individualized solution.

To be able to master extreme requirements, Temco is able to draw on its wide ranging experience with special greases, PEEK cages, Chronidur, Niro and ceramic ball bearings, etc.

Bearing calculation with simulation programs

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The construction of the shaft-bearing system is optimized during the configuration with the help of the "finite element calculation method" (FEM).

This means the loads can be determined with exact precision. The temperature development and its distribution can also be calculated theoretically and adjusted to protect the system. The dynamic behavior of the bearing system and the occurrence of the critical revs are also calculated and adapted to the customer requirements through changes to the configuration where necessary.


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The surface of the bearing is an important product feature that is matched by Temco entirely on the individual product use. Depending on the application, this must be stain-resistant, wear resistant against aggressive media - or they may have due to the required starting torque only an extremely small mass. Here Temco offers a variety of solutions - from steel- and ceramic coatings to surfaces of composite materials.


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The lubricants that are perfectly matched to the case are also suitable for extreme conditions such as high speed, high load, extreme temperatures and vertical installation. They guarantee a good smooth running and can also be used in the food industry.

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